What we are thinking !!!!! “Where is cue ball going ?” | Masters 2018 | Snooker Lovers

the safety really disappointed in score
more there needs to slow up where’s this kubal going well my gallant book roll
into the jaws send the cue ball to the bottom cushion where’s the cue ball
going where’s the cue ball going but more importantly for Shawn the ready
played run safe little bit consumed where the cue balls gonna go
he’s got the pot where’s the cue ball going it’s concerned about that mark
Alyn for always had a look that that cue ball was gonna go close to corner pocket Oh three minutes now and then that was
why it wasn’t all we have been like yeah just the referee can come and check where’s the cue ball going mark Alyn for
hmm as long as the cue ball gets away from the cushion Oh where’s the cue ball going where’s the
cue ball join Wow look at Brazil that’s amazing trace of
right hand side just to check the cue ball at the top cause you a fraction too
much side and you saw the way checked unlucky to going off he’s going for the
thin cut here because he wears the cue ball going well
things are no fault that’s the forest today John

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