Wilds And Scatter Symbols Explained For Online Slots

Ever wondered what the symbols of a slot are
all about. Well keep watching and we’ll
let you in on all their secrets.
A slot is made up of 3 types of symbol. The
first are the regular face symbols. Face symbols
make up the majority of the slot are there
to make you money. There’s usually a lot
of these types of symbol on the slot all with
different values.
Secondly there’s Scatter symbols. Scatter
symbols are the least common symbols on a
slot. They are used to unlock bonus rounds,
such as free spin modes or minigames. You
usually have to spin 3 scatter symbols to
unlock their bonus rounds, but they only have
to be onscreen and not along any payline.
When there are multiple minigames available
you will often see a few different scatter
symbols, each tied to a separate bonus round.
Lastly there are Wild Symbols. Wilds are substitute
symbols which can stand in for any face symbol
allowing you to create more winning lines.
Wilds are however usually worth a low value
of point, so a line of 2 face symbols and
a Wild symbol, will win you less than 3 of
the same face symbol. You can usually find
all this info in the Paytable menu. Wilds
can also sometimes have special additional
abilities like taking up whole reels or being
sticky, which means they’ll stay on the
screen for several spins, filling in as face
symbols for longer.
So now you understand what the symbols mean.
Every slot does something different with symbols,
so start exploring to become a slot connoisseur.
Check out our other guides to playing slots
so you can learn about bonus modes, how to
play slots and how the betting works.

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