WJSN(우주소녀) EXY – EXO ‘LOTTO’ x BTS ‘피 땀 눈물’ Acoustic cover (방탄소년단, Blood Sweat & Tears, 엑소, 로또)

Acoustic Cover of the mash-up of BTS’ “Blood Sweat & Tears” and EXO’s “Lotto” by WSJN’s EXY & Lovey revealed.
WSJN’s EXY & Lovey pulled off the beautiful acoustic cover of the two songs.
The new version was created by songwriter BrotherSu to have a dreamier and sexier feel to it.
Singer-songwriter Lovey’s soft voice and EXY’s powerful and bold rap make such a perfect match that the popular songs sound completely different in the new version.
Lovey has featured for many Korean artists with a clean voice and unique power of expression.
WSJN that rapper EXY belongs to has gained growing popularity in the K-pop scene.

48 thoughts on “WJSN(우주소녀) EXY – EXO ‘LOTTO’ x BTS ‘피 땀 눈물’ Acoustic cover (방탄소년단, Blood Sweat & Tears, 엑소, 로또)

  1. I love voice of LOVEY. It would be so nice if Starship would make sub group of WJSN with this kind of concept. It fits them so well.

  2. You should titled it 엑시 & 러비 – EXO 'LOTTO' x 방탄소년단 '피 땀 눈물' like on V LIVE is. Not only EXY because they make duo, EXY doesn't singing this solo

  3. i like wjsn but having 13 members with no proper line distribution is just painful for some members who only got to sing perhaps 3 sec,i guess? wjsn could be broken to 2 groups tho,they r all so talented and beautiful,i can tell.They deserve a proper line distribution in every song

  4. Can anyone appreciate how talented Exy is? She not only raps very well but sings which a very special and distinguishable voice as well💕💕

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