Woman got out of a wheelchair in the shopping mall! ❤️❤️

hey guys I love this life a lot for college – I just came here we are the t-shirts and now we have a PTA school running I just came in and talked with our friends here and it’s a person who is one of the teacher running the PTA school here and and we are just talk yeah hey we just we want bill kept it okay it’s a big shop here in our city yeah we’re just bill can a woman call our wheelchair and he just started sale and I love it like come on a booming call about real change bill can start to cry and hog and beautiful hear the testimony how was it what happened yeah it was amazing we went to the shopping mall and I was together with rock from Slovenia and we were just walking around and yeah I saw this woman sitting in a wheelchair we walked up to her and said hey do you mind if we pray for you she said yeah sure so yeah we prayed the first time she stood out and she fall back in the wheelchair right away because he could not stand up and so said okay yeah we just we just pray one more time so we pray one more time and then we said okay just just walk again so see ya put all the the things of the wheelchair inside and see she walked up you know she started crying and she looked at her husband like like this like I’m really healed and yeah so amazing to see and then she had a headache as well so you pray for the headache it went and she started crying again hugging her husband and lifting up her child oh she really amazed and she started walking back and forth in a supermarket and yeah it was amazing amazing house for you to see this um I can I can describe it was amazing I’ve never seen something like that before you know at this moment my reality strike the god really God’s reality and people fighting in me but okay I’m fine now and there was a lot of Muslim guy who had some pain in his elbow and he was hurt and I started praying for him and he got healed and all of a sudden he was just like whoa what did you do what did you do what what’s dead and I told him that while we are praying for people in because we were commanded to do by Jesus Christ and stop her like that and yeah he said he’s a Muslim and they does believe he’s a prophet a special prophet and stuff but he taken to us and so what yeah what the problem was with this woman she had a an infection in her bag that like the thing that is from her bein connected to the leg was not working anymore she just was in the hospital for more than a month and yeah it was just amazing how to see her face and we also yeah we’re tearing up and it was just we give her a big hug and I said so is it good to be on the PGS good it is great come on this is why we need to teach him teaching is important I’ve been to being with you and have some hours teaching today but it’s really it’s not the teaching only is to see the life is to experience what you experience it’s miss of his reality like come on I’m a Christian I know I’ve heard about it but now I saw it in a shopping mall so amazing [Music]

26 thoughts on “Woman got out of a wheelchair in the shopping mall! ❤️❤️

  1. The power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus left us with "the ability to do all He did and greater." I love the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God the Father.

  2. Amen ! Gloire au Seigneur ! merci Sébastiaan pour le kickstart en Suisse très édifiant !

  3. I don't understand how some or most Christian's cuss when I feel tremendously bad about it when I slip. And also how can I be successful at healing the Lost???

  4. Absoulutely Wonderful. I'm so happy for those who recieved healing in the middle of a shopping mall. Glory be to Almighty Father YHWH the Most High God for granting that his wonderfully righteous Servant and Beloved Son Jesus Christ would stand with you and help you guys with Holy Ghost anointed prayer so these people could know the true power and reality of God's Kingdom. God bless you and approve you even more with signs, wonders and miracles as you continue to follow the excellent example set by his Righteous Servant, Faithful and True Witness and Beloved Son Yeshua Ha Maschiach/Jesus Christ. Do well and prosper to the Glory of Father YHWH Most High in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  5. Wow, amazing what God is doing through these men! Would love to live like this ♥️

  6. Amazing…I cry every time I hear these testimonies…awesome.Please pray that a way is made possible I would love to come and do the pioneer school.xx

  7. Can I get contact with this guy Rok, he is from my country, Slovenia, I would love to talk to him, please! Greetings in Jesus name!

  8. yeah..all deseas have to go!dead rise too!!its not a big deal for a Holy Spirit.its newer yuo!no.its Holy Spirit.Love this demonstration!gospel is Power of GOD.without that its not.

  9. Wow! This is truely powerfull and amazing..Glory be to God..Amen!

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