YouTube Poll Cards

YouTube have just added poll cards to
their ever-growing feature list
These new poll cards allow you to run live
multiple choice surveys actually in your
YouTube videos
Hi, Dave here from TubeNutz and I’m
about to show you exactly what you need
to do to set up poll cards on your
YouTube videos
So let’s stop by covering the basics to
create poll cards you must be signed in
and your channel must be in good
You can set your poll to start at a
specified time within your video
You can offer up to 5 multiple choice answers, which is excellent!
Your viewers must be logged into their
accounts to participate in your poll
And once the viewers voted they can see the poll results directly in the card
And they can withdraw their vote immediately after voting if they change their mind
Okay now let’s create a poll card.
As you can see I’ve uploaded a test video
for the sake of this quick tutorial and
let’s assume that I want to find out
what my viewers like to do in their
spare time so to create the pole and as
I mentioned earlier you must be signed
into your account
Once you’re signed in, just go to the video on which you want to set up the pole
Once you’re there, you’ll see the edit icons below the main video itself. Now, the fifth one from the left
is called cards. Simply click on the
cards and you land on the cards edit page
Here you can add cards and you can
edit your cards. So in this case we’re
going to add a poll card. You simply go to “add card” on the top right, and you select poll …create.
Now, the first thing we want to do is to ask a question. So i’m gona simply asked what
do you like to do in your spare time. Question mark, of course. As you can see there are two fields there
for poll choices. But we can add to those which will do in just a moment. So let’s
give our viewers some options, so maybe they like to go to the gym. Maybe they like
to swim. Now I want to add another option, I just simply hit at another choice
Maybe they’d like to get a massage. I’ll add another one in there, maybe they like
fine dining. And maybe they just like to
hit the beach. So there’s my question at
the top there. And this is the text as it
says here this is the text that will be
used for the card teaser, which you’ll
see in just a moment. But you can change
at this point if you need to. In fact, you
can change any of this as long as nobody
has voted yet. So ok, we now have our
question and five answers we simply
hit create card. Now as mentioned earlier
you can specify the time in which your
poll starts. You simply take the poll
marker in the timeline and move it to
where you want, so I’m going to just move it in a few seconds. Now you can test the pole in
this page but, I’m gonna take you to the
main YouTube page so you can see. So, as
we play it you’ll see a few seconds of
the top right the question comes up. What
do you like to do in your spare time?
Now, if I click on there, I can now select the answer that I want to give so, I think I
might go for fine dining. And there you
It instantly shows me the result. I can also
change my answer if I’mn not happy with
fine dining and maybe I want to go with
it the beach. You see this immediately
changed. Now as viewers vote, they can see the results of the poll live in the box
here, so obviously these percentages will
change. You of course can see the results
too, but they’re also kept in your YouTube
analytics, even if you end the poll. Once your
poll is finished and you want to delete it,
simply go to the card you wish to
delete, go to the far right, hit poll
results. And at the bottom corner you’ll see
a trash can. Click on there
it will ask you if you’re ready to
delete it. And it confirms that even if
you delete it, that your poll results
will be viewable
in your YouTube analytics. So, you simply hit delete, and the card goes.
OK so, if you found that useful, please subscribe we have lots more videos coming soon. And if you go to / free, you can
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    Good job.

  2. Polls seem like such an exciting feature for YouTube. I've already got lots of ideas for it!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Really helped me out! 🙂

  4. The part I found most useful and how you can see poll results in analytics I didn't know that and I was wondering about it thanks

  5. I can't do polls in my videos. I use an iPad. I need help.

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